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It is a sad and shocking fact that all around the world animals are tortured and slaughtered every day for humans. The truth is humans do not need animals to survive and the billions of animals that suffer each year die for no reason at all. For human consumption alone 56 billion land animals suffer and die every year in addition to uncountable numbers of sea animals, even though it has been proven time and time again that the flesh of animals is unnecessary for human survival and is in fact is bad for human health. The World Health Organization has recently declared processed meat to be cancer-causing and yet humans continue to consume it irrespective of the cruelty behind the meat industry and irrespective of the toll it takes on their own health.

Animal cruelty for sport

The cruelty to animals does not stop there however. In addition to the cruelty that takes place for human consumption, animal cruelty related sports are still very common even in a time when humans should have realized that there are other forms of entertainment. Horse racing syndications are is still very common around the world where individuals or groups of people bet on innocent horses that have been put to race each other. One fact that is unknown is that most of the horses that are put to race often end up with severe lung problems and severe injury after these races have finished and the people have received their money for their bets. In fact, many of the horses die soon after but this is a fact that is kept under wraps.

In some countries, horse racing syndicates have been made illegal due to the problems associated with gambling however they are still very much alive in the black market where gambling addicts still continue to bet on the lives of innocent animals. Triple Crown Syndications provide idea on how you can own shares for race horses. 

Hunting is another very cruel sport that is known for its severe loss of life but is still very much legal and happening in most countries. Even the royal family of England continues to hunt while making a public show of their love for animals. Trophy hunting while illegal ion many countries is still happening with some of the rarest animals in the world being driven to extinction due to this very cruel sport. The saddest part is that for a hunter, the rarer the animal, the better the trophy and therefore these men go out looking for animals and rare species that are near extinction.


Getting that beach body or catwalk body is all what we think of the perfect physic in a person. It takes a sufficient amount of time, effort and total dedication to obtain the body you have always dreamed off. Nothing in life comes easy so you have got to work hard and hard work pays off in the end. Muscle building is not about eating large amounts of food or exercising till you drop dead, it all takes careful planning and organizing to get that dream body in no time. Follow these steps as guidelines along with your personal trainer to shape into a new you.

diet planFitness gurus suggest that for every pound in your body, your daily protein intake should be between 1 to 1.7 grams. Did you know that a human body can only consume a lesser amount of approximately 35 grams of protein at on go. However you need to increase on the amount of calories that you consume by 500 to 1000 per day. This does not mean you need to binge eat; always select clean and healthy food for this purpose. If you enroll in group fitness class workouts they are bound to educate you on healthy eating practices and how you can increase your calorie intake the healthier way.

At these group fitness class workouts they would also suggest you to increase the number of times you consume meals with appropriate intervals. This is ideal for beginners who are unsure of the process and steps that are needed to take. The carb intake of a person who is interested in muscle building should have an approximately 3.15 grams of carb for every kilogram of body weight. Eggs, chicken, turkey, fish, nuts and cheese are also super food that is great to increase the amount of carbs.

Mistakes that are done by muscle buildersEating too much or too little than needed is one of the big mistakes done by muscle builders. The lack of drinking the required amount of water and not relating to the required nutrition amount for the buildup of muscles. Consuming too much fat and sugar for the sake of gaining weight can only mean deviation of the end goals. No proper organizing in having a balanced meal can also mean there is no proper dietary control for the amount of carbs and fat intake. For muscle building it is essential to have supplements in your workout plan. Find out the proper type of supplement which will be feasible to your work out regime.

When you have a hectic lifestyle, schedule, such as travelling long distance to the workplace, managing kids or preparing meals for your family, squeezing out time for workouts may seem like a daunting task. All you need is an intense training schedule to burn your extra calories in lesser time. Hence, compound movements are ideal for individuals who cannot spare more time on workouts. The benefits of compound movements are many, but the key benefits are good rate of metabolism, and increased heart rate to obtain a cardio workout in addition to muscle building. Some of the best compound movements have been discussed below.

Squat and bicep curls

Well, before you begin your workout session, it is important to have the right fitness outfit to make the session comfortable for you. There are many online fitness stores that offer mens running tights in Australia, shoes and more. Coming back to the first compound movement, this workout targets your arms and glutes. You can place your foot on a bench or a stable platform and keep the other leg away from you so as to form a 90 degree angle when you squat with your front knee. You can hold the dumbbells in both hands and the cores should be tightened as you squat. Switch your legs and follow the same procedure for a couple of times.

Stepping up and overhead press

The first part focuses on the lower body and the overhead press makes your upper body stronger. The sole purpose of these workouts is to target your core. However, remember to wear comfortable outfit designed for sports such as the mens running tights. Use a bench that is stable and begin with one foot placed on the bench to create a 90 degree angle. Place dumbbells in your hands and step forward onto the bench. Repeat this process with the other leg.

Leg raise and bench press

Lie straight on the floor holding dumbbells in your hands. Begin by placing the dumbbells a few inches away from your chest and press up to the ceiling. Once the weight is on top, you can raise your legs upwards till your arms and legs are parallel to one another.

Pull ups and toes to the bar

If you think that the regular pull up activity is not effective enough, you can try this out. Hang from a pull up bar and follow a pull up by keeping the core engaged. Go back to the previous position with control and then your legs should be as straight as possible. The abs should be contracted and toes to be raised to ensure that the pull up bar gets tapped. Repeat this process.


If you happen to be a busy parent who cannot be expected to spend every waking moment looking after your child’s needs but would still like to make sure that they aren’t running too wild or unsupervised, you have several simple options that can help take this burden off your shoulders. However, if you would prefer that your children enjoy themselves while simultaneously ensuring that they are doing something useful, you can look for something more entertaining that is supervised by professionals. Once you consult with your child as to what might suit them more in an entertainment capacity that isn’t limited to some stationary activity, you can explore what any easily accessible institution might offer. With these considerations in mind, here are some ideas to keep your child entertained.

Opt for something that has a practical use

If your children are into something more physical and roughshod or you would like them to work off their exuberant energies in a positive manner, you have the option of sending them for self defence classes for kids.

Not only will these self defence classes for kids ensure that your child becomes physically and mentally resilient, it will also ensure that they have a lot of fun while releasing frustrations in a safe environment. In addition to teaching them useful protective measures, these classes will help them develop a certain amount of self-reliance while letting them gain physical as well as mental confidence. Being confident with their physique and being comfortable with physical activities might even help them get over self-esteem issues which will come in handy when they have to confront real world issues.

Recreational dancing classes

If you think your child would prefer something with a softer focus or if your child is more interested in the arts, you can opt for dance classes. Considering that there is a diverse range of options when it comes to dance classes, there is something that can be tailored for every child’s preference. For instance, there is either ballet or jazz or even the more contemporary styles that you can choose from depending on your preferences and inclinations. Dance classes are also a simple way of allowing your child to develop their passions by trying out various available activities. Dancing can be a fun way for your child to meet new friends and acquire useful social cues early in life by working with groups of dedicated and enthusiastic people. Ultimately, dancing can just be a fun exercise for your children that can have many positive side effects not limited to simple entertainment.