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It is true, in physical strength, men is stronger than women, that doesn’t mean any less of women, as they are perfect in many ways. But being a woman, it is not easy to be on this world all alone. But the situations make you to do so. Until you are about seventeen to eighteen, you are taking the education in high school and under the protection of your parents, and then times comes for you to apart from them and start your life with college where you have to move out from your parents’ house and live in a dorm room or an apartment. This is where you first learn how to live alone and take care of yourself.

On streets

But that doesn’t mean, you will be living in your dorm room for the rest of the time you are spending on campus, you will have to take care of situations and enter to the real world wher full of strangers and thieves and other people who are going to be a threat for you. So what are you going to do about it? you might be a strong woman in your mind, but if you are weak from your physical strength, then you wouldn’t even get a chance to deal with a thief who is trying to grab your purse and trying to run away, because you are in a condition where the thief has the upper hand as he is stronger than you physically and you have nothing to do for to protect yourself. Therefore if have ever done martial arts classes in your life, you have a good chance of escaping the situation by defending yourself from your threat.

Suppose you are a woman who is really weak in physical strength and also never have tried to fight with anyone physical in your life, but you will definitely come across a time in your life that you have to take care of yourself and defend yourself all alone, and what is your idea about that, will you be able to do that from the condition you are in now? No, right? So if you could take self-defense classes for women, gradually, you will be able to get stronger in your body and learn to fight with someone who is becoming a threat to you in any condition. The most important thing is, you will grow self-confidence within you and would never be scared on facing the problems in life.

As a woman

As a woman, you never have to think low of yourself that you are no match for a man’s physical power, you are stronger in your own way, and the most important thing is being stronger in your mind.