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Best Compound Moves For Effective Results

Best Compound Moves For Effective Results

When you have a hectic lifestyle, schedule, such as travelling long distance to the workplace, managing kids or preparing meals for your family, squeezing out time for workouts may seem like a daunting task. All you need is an intense training schedule to burn your extra calories in lesser time. Hence, compound movements are ideal for individuals who cannot spare more time on workouts. The benefits of compound movements are many, but the key benefits are good rate of metabolism, and increased heart rate to obtain a cardio workout in addition to muscle building. Some of the best compound movements have been discussed below.

Squat and bicep curls

Well, before you begin your workout session, it is important to have the right fitness outfit to make the session comfortable for you. There are many online fitness stores that offer mens running tights in Australia, shoes and more. Coming back to the first compound movement, this workout targets your arms and glutes. You can place your foot on a bench or a stable platform and keep the other leg away from you so as to form a 90 degree angle when you squat with your front knee. You can hold the dumbbells in both hands and the cores should be tightened as you squat. Switch your legs and follow the same procedure for a couple of times.

Stepping up and overhead press

The first part focuses on the lower body and the overhead press makes your upper body stronger. The sole purpose of these workouts is to target your core. However, remember to wear comfortable outfit designed for sports such as the mens running tights. Use a bench that is stable and begin with one foot placed on the bench to create a 90 degree angle. Place dumbbells in your hands and step forward onto the bench. Repeat this process with the other leg.

Leg raise and bench press

Lie straight on the floor holding dumbbells in your hands. Begin by placing the dumbbells a few inches away from your chest and press up to the ceiling. Once the weight is on top, you can raise your legs upwards till your arms and legs are parallel to one another.

Pull ups and toes to the bar

If you think that the regular pull up activity is not effective enough, you can try this out. Hang from a pull up bar and follow a pull up by keeping the core engaged. Go back to the previous position with control and then your legs should be as straight as possible. The abs should be contracted and toes to be raised to ensure that the pull up bar gets tapped. Repeat this process.