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Cruelty To Animals in The Name of Humans

Cruelty To Animals in The Name of Humans


It is a sad and shocking fact that all around the world animals are tortured and slaughtered every day for humans. The truth is humans do not need animals to survive and the billions of animals that suffer each year die for no reason at all. For human consumption alone 56 billion land animals suffer and die every year in addition to uncountable numbers of sea animals, even though it has been proven time and time again that the flesh of animals is unnecessary for human survival and is in fact is bad for human health. The World Health Organization has recently declared processed meat to be cancer-causing and yet humans continue to consume it irrespective of the cruelty behind the meat industry and irrespective of the toll it takes on their own health.

Animal cruelty for sport

The cruelty to animals does not stop there however. In addition to the cruelty that takes place for human consumption, animal cruelty related sports are still very common even in a time when humans should have realized that there are other forms of entertainment. Horse racing syndications are is still very common around the world where individuals or groups of people bet on innocent horses that have been put to race each other. One fact that is unknown is that most of the horses that are put to race often end up with severe lung problems and severe injury after these races have finished and the people have received their money for their bets. In fact, many of the horses die soon after but this is a fact that is kept under wraps.

In some countries, horse racing syndicates have been made illegal due to the problems associated with gambling however they are still very much alive in the black market where gambling addicts still continue to bet on the lives of innocent animals. Triple Crown Syndications provide idea on how you can own shares for race horses. 

Hunting is another very cruel sport that is known for its severe loss of life but is still very much legal and happening in most countries. Even the royal family of England continues to hunt while making a public show of their love for animals. Trophy hunting while illegal ion many countries is still happening with some of the rarest animals in the world being driven to extinction due to this very cruel sport. The saddest part is that for a hunter, the rarer the animal, the better the trophy and therefore these men go out looking for animals and rare species that are near extinction.