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The Importance Of Adequate Nutrition For Your Body

The Importance Of Adequate Nutrition For Your Body

Food, water, and shelter are the three most essential requirements for the survival of human being. Food provides nutrients and energy to fuel the body, and prevents its deterioration through starvation. Water is the life-giving source that allows our bodies; composed mostly of water; to grow and thrive. Shelter is a necessary factor to protect ourselves from exposure to the elements, be it rain, sun rays, or snow.
Food is the most enjoyed basic need, and is consumed as an enjoyable activity in addition to the necessity factor of it. Consuming food has become a collective pastime, and entire events are created solely around the enjoyment of food.
While it is easy to lose track of the necessity of food when it is in such abundance around you, not receiving the necessary nutrition for your body can result in severe repercussions for your health and longevity.
Different stages of life call for different levels and types of nutrition. For instance, an infant requires the essential nutrients provided by breast milk and that alone, while a fully-grown adult needs vital nutrients derived from many sources. Adequate nutrition ensures a fully-functioning healthy body and also provides the environment for the development of the brain. Hence, a growing child’s nutrition is seen as one of the most important factors in his or her life, due to the fact that proper nutrition at this stage would mean a well-developed and healthy body and mind for the rest of their lives. Poor nutrition at such a pivotal stage could mean mental drawbacks as well as a poor immune system. A brain that has not been given the necessary nutrients to develop can result in learning difficulties, for example. A weakened immune system as well as organs and bones can lead to issues such as brittle bone disease or the high susceptibility to infections; even the common cold could be dangerous to your child.
At the adult stage, nutrient needs differ. The basic nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and vitamins are needed for sufficient maintenance of physical as well as mental health, but the sources may differ based on dietary preferences. For instance, individuals that exercise and work to build muscle and lose fat may resort to options such as the inclusion of natural protein powder at Australia in their diets, in addition to their daily meals, to improve their body’s development.
Similarly, those that are aged may require a great dietary supplements containing essential nutrients that are provided to them in liquid form, for example, due to their inability to chew or due to difficulties in digestion.